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Applications are currently open for instructors, vendors, music, and art grants:

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Kinetic Fire is now on its sixth annual gathering and we are very excited to be creating a wonderful community tradition.

We ask for your participation and suggestions for making this the best event it can be. This page will display a lot of useful information about rules, camping, workshops, food, and what to bring.

Though Kinetic Fire is not an exclusive gathering, we wish to keep the focus on fire arts and related disciplines. Therefore, while friends and family of all ages are welcome, we ask that you not disseminate information to other lists that are not directly related to these arts.

There are many “events”, “parties” and “happenings” through out the year. However, the focus of Kinetic Fire is on learning and community, it is not a rave or party scene. We will have fun! There will be live music and a lot of fire spinning! As we are an all ages gathering, we ask that you be respectful of everyone.

Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited. This is substance-free event.

Applications for 2016 are not yet open.

Starts at 10am on the Thursday of the event. No one will be allowed in before that. All attendees need to be off the site by 7pm Sunday.

Leave No Trace. If you pack it in, you’re responsible for it. Bring extra trash bags with you, and please make use of the dumpsters on site.
You must take care of your own needs. You are responsible for your own food, plates, utensils, dish washing, sleeping bag, warm clothes, camping stuff.

Pets are not permitted on the grounds.

Parking is a bit limited. We encourage carpooling. It will save you money and make your drive more fun.

Cell Phone service is patchy, but possible.

Tickets on sale soon.
There are no physical tickets, you must show up at the gate with picture ID. You can check if you have tickets by logging in and going to “Your Info” page.

IMPORTANT– Each person must hold his/her own ticket. If you are holding multiple tickets, you must transfer the extras to the people you want to have them. Create a log in for each person, then transfer tickets until each person has just one.

We ask that everyone who buys a ticket find at least one slot of volunteer activity you feel you can contribute to the event over the course of the weekend. It is all of us working together that makes this event happen and keeps the price low. Why not sign up to volunteer when you buy your ticket?

Camping is rustic! Be prepared for a weekend in the woods!

There are several areas to camp in, some are near the main fire area and bathhouse and there are some further away and will probably be more private. There is also an opportunity for car camping in a certain place which doubles are the secondary parking lot. See map and gate volunteers for details.

There is a shower house facility in the central area with flush toilets.
The water on site is fine to drink and is chlorinated at a safe level to get rid of anything nasty. You can certainly bring a jug of your own water if you choose.

Fire pits are located at many of the campsites. Wood can be purchased from the camp owners at a rate of 5$ for a milkcrate full, $20 for a wheelbarrow full. DO NOT steal the wood from the main fire circle. Please use common sense when using the fire pits: Do not leave them burning unattended, and do not use the fire pit as a trash can.

There are a few spots for RV’s please reserve a spot by e-mailing


Workshops are an important part of the mission of Kinetic Fire. The “Workshops” page will have information on the schedule of classes, bios of the teachers, and an option to submit a workshop idea to our workshops coordinator. Please remember that there will be more classes available than can be attended by one person. We encourage you to find a good balance between taking too many classes and not remembering everything, and not taking enough classes to satisfy your spinning desires.

It is recommended to bring a notebook or a small video recording device to help you remember what you learned in the workshops.
Please feel free to contribute your knowledge by offering a workshop. Submit a title and description to be considered by our workshop coordinator.

We will have a few food vendors, however other than that you are responsible for your own food. Camping stoves are a good bet. To make it easier, think of coordinating with some friends so that you can all share a stove. Think pot, pan, utensils, plate, bowl, cup, dish soap, sponge, etc. Plus, ice for cooling and a cooler to hold it in. There are covered areas with picnic tables. There is a Wal-Mart and other stores in Oxford, about a 10-15 minute drive away. To help cut down on waste think about bringing your own plates for vendor food.

We will be in rural Ohio in the middle of May. The historical averages for May are a high of 70 degrees and a low of 47 degrees and there is a chance it will rain. Please plan accordingly. There is no “necessities” vending on site. In short, bring everything you need for an outdoor weekend: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothing, warm gear, sun block, rain gear, a hat for sun, food, personals etc.

Thanks, from all the volunteers collaborating to make this gathering the most special weekend ever.

Items you will definitely want:

Your toys and toolsFuelSleeping bag and sleeping padTentDrinking water containerShower suppliesSun ScreenEar PlugsTowels Head or flash Light to walk around at night
Several changes of clothing including rain gear
Trash Bags for your tent site to “Leave No Trace”

Items you will probably want:

Hiking clothing
Beach supplies
Sitting chairs
Camera / video camera
Performing clothes (if you are so inclined)
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