Fire Safety

Fire Safety


Fire Safety Guidelines

1. You are responsible for your own safety no matter what you are doing. It is the performer’s responsibility to obtain a safety spotter. Do not spin fire with out a safety.

2. No smoking or open flames in the fuel depot or fuel storage areas.

3. Only safety someone or something if you feel comfortable with the equipment, the person, your safety skills, and the situation.

4. The safeties have the final call in all things on the field. Even if you do not agree, please do as they ask and talk to them afterwards so all may learn from the experience.

5. Before you do anything on fire, it is highly recommended to attend the fire safety workshops.

6. Wear only fire-appropriate clothing, we recommend cottons, silks, leathers, hemps, or aramid fibers. Additionally be aware of any cosmetic or hair product that may be flammable.

7. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for the safety of yourself and others do not use fire, but feel free to spin unlit.

8. Keep ALL fuel in the designated Fuel Dump area. Do your part to keep things organized by placing fuel not actively being used into the metal storage containers and keep the fueling station and spin off area clear and free of personal equipment.

9. Do not alter or use another performers personal fuel mixture without express consent. Public dip cans for lamp oil, white gas, and 50/50 will be available. A mixture area will be set aside for containers clearly labeled as special fuel.

10. Consult with the fuel depot manager before using any unusual fuel, especially fuels with colorants. You are expected to be knowledgeable about your unusual fuels, and we would be happy if you provide a MSDS. Fuel depot managers have the final say in use of fuel.

11. Recommended fuels are white gas(Coleman or Crown brand) and lamp oil (Lamplighter farms). We do not allow the use of Methanol, Pump Gas (Petrol), or Diesel at Kinetic Fire for health and safety reasons. Isopropyl and denatured alcohols, as well as other specialty fuels are allowed, but must be clearly marked and stored in safe and appropriate containers.

12. Use spin off equipment before lighting up. NO GROUND CIRCLES/LINES/DOTS or fire directly on the field. We have promised to keep the site in the same condition as before we arrived. (Please, leave no trace.)

13. If you are asked to wait on fueling at the fuel dump, please wait, this is how the Fire Safety manager regulates the number of people in the fire circle.

14. If you have any questions please feel free to ask the fire safeties on duty, they are there to help teach safety and manage the field. If you have a question, ask them; if they ask you to do something, please listen, whether you are spinning or safetying.

15. If you do anything with fire, please be prepared to safety for at least 30 minutes.

16. Minors must be cleared with the fire safety manager, and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that approves of, and takes responsibility for the minor’s actions at all times. More info regarding minors is available on the General Information page of the Kinetic Fire Retreat website.


March 4, 2015