General Info

General Info

Eventbrite – Kinetic Fire 2022


Stable Studios
2034 Dubois Rd.
Spencer, IN 47460

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Applications for Kinetic Fire 2022 are currently open for instructors, vendors, and ambassadors:

Instructors (Open until Jan 31)

Vendors (Open until Jan 31)

Ambassadors (Open until Jan 15)

There will be no open applications for musicians for 2022. If you are interested in playing music, please send an email to




Kinetic Fire is now on our TENTH annual gathering and we are very excited to be creating a wonderful community tradition.


We ask for your participation and suggestions for making this the best event it can be. This page will display a lot of useful information about rules, camping, workshops, food, and what to bring.


Though Kinetic Fire is not an exclusive gathering, we wish to keep the focus on fire and flow arts, and related disciplines. There are many “events”, “parties”, and “happenings” throughout the year, however, the focus of Kinetic Fire is on learning and community – it is not a rave or party scene. We do however, have lots of fun! There will be workshops all day, live music at night, and a lot of fire spinning and object manipulation! As we are an all ages gathering, we ask that you be respectful of everyone.


Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited. This is substance-free event.


Pets are not permitted on the grounds. Under ADA law, service animals are welcome.






Starts at 10am on the Thursday of the event. No one will be allowed in before that. All attendees need to be off the site by 4pm Sunday.




If you pack it in, you’re responsible for it. Bring extra trash bags with you, and please make use of the dumpsters on site. We will give out recycling and trash bags at gate, and expect them to be used for your personal trash. NO TRASH CANS WILL BE PROVIDED AT THE VENUE. We expect you to bag your own trash, and either take it with you, put it in the dumpster, or have it picked up during designated trash run times (end of lunch and dinner) to be placed in the dumpster. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to be responsible for your own waste, but we do provide the dumpster to aid in these efforts. Please work as a community to keep our space clean and trash free.




You must take care of your own needs. You are responsible for your own food, plates, utensils, dish washing, sleeping bag, warm clothes, camping stuff. There may be food vendors, but this is never a guarantee. Ensure you are properly fed all weekend long by bringing enough food for the entire event. The same goes for camping. There are no cabins or accommodations on the grounds. Bring camping gear and clothes for all types of weather (and rain!).




Parking is available onsite, however we highly encourage carpooling. It will save you money and make your drive more fun! There is ample on onsite parking, but in the instance that Kinetic grows larger than the onsite parking area, we have access to an additional parking lot less than a mile down the road from the venue. Remember- this means your car may be parked off site if you arrive later in the weekend. In the event that Kinetic Fire must use the overflow parking, a shuttle will be running, or on call, to shuttle individuals back and forth to their car if needed, and for load in and load out. If you are parked in the overflow lot, and need access to your car, please find someone with a walkie, or ask at gate, and they will connect you with the shuttle driver.




Cell phone service is available in parts of the venue. The closer to the entrance, the better the signal. The further into the woods, the weaker the signal.




Eventbrite – Kinetic Fire 2022


There are no physical tickets, you must show up at the gate with picture ID. You can check if you have tickets by logging in and going to “Your Info” page on EventBrite. IMPORTANT– Each person must hold his/her own ticket. If you are holding multiple tickets, YOU MUST TRANSFER the extras to the people you want to have them. Each person must create an account on Eventbrite, and then you can transfer tickets until each person has just one. This is especially important if you buy the group ticket package. If you don’t transfer the other group tickets, we won’t know who to assign them to at the gate (especially if you don’t arrive as a group). If you are having problems transferring tickets, first try EventBrite’s help page, and if you are still having problems, please email us at to resolve any issues. Minors are permitted, however they must be with their legal parent or guardian the ENTIRE event. A separate waiver must be signed by the parent or guardian. Minors and their parent or guardian may be asked to leave if the minor is found to be unsupervised. While Kinetic Fire is all ages, we ask you to evaluate on a child by child basis, if this type of event involving fire, is the right choice for the child.




We ask that everyone who buys a ticket find at least one, one hour slot of volunteer activity you feel you can contribute to the event over the course of the weekend. It is all of us working together that makes this event happen and keeps the price low. One hour out of a weekend may seem like a small act, but when everyone gives one hour of their time, the community and the event thrive. We are and continue to be a volunteer driven event.




Upon arrival the parking team will instruct you where to park. You may either catch a shuttle with your gear back to your chosen camping area, or use a self provided wagon or cart to move your stuff from your car to your campsite. There will be NO cars allowed back in the camping area except the staff shuttle. The shuttle will be running continuously from the time gate opens on Thursday until Friday afternoon, and Sunday from 8am-4pm. If you need assistance outside of those times, please find someone with a walkie, or ask at gate, and they will connect you with the shuttle driver.


Camping is rustic! Be prepared for a weekend in the woods! There are several areas to camp back through the woods. There are areas off the main path leading away from the pond, and many more areas in the woods off the loops connected to the back clearing. RESPONSIBLE ground and off the ground campfires are permitted in the camping areas. Please use common sense when using campfire rings and fire pits: do not leave them burning unattended, and do not use the fire pit as a trash can. You are welcome to bring your own firewood, or forage it from the woods in the venue. There are also a few private properties and farms around the venue that you can buy firewood at as you drive to the event. NO firewood will be available onsite for purchase!


There is also an opportunity for car camping in a designated area. Please let us know if you plan on car camping at the gate, and we will direct you to the designated area. There are NO ground or off the ground campfires allowed in any part of the car camping area.


There are a few spots for RV’s; please reserve a spot by emailing


There are no shower facilities on site. Please plan accordingly. We recommend pop up showers and solar water bags, or a nice refreshing dip in the pond. Please DO NOT use soap in the natural water sources.




There is a bathroom facility located at the back of the big open air barn (where open stage and gala take place) with six compost toilets in individual stalls, lights, and mirrors. PLEASE respect this amazing bathroom space, treat it with care, and follow the composting instructions located within the stalls. We are thankful to have access to these facilities. Port-o-potties will also be located around the venue, specifically back in the camping area and near the fire circle.




The venue will be providing fresh drinking water, however it is ALWAYS recommended to bring enough water you would need to survive for the weekend in the event that water delivery is delayed.




Workshops are an integral part of the mission of Kinetic Fire. During open application time, the “Workshops” page will have the link to apply to teach workshops/classes for the upcoming event. The workshop applications are open from November 15-January 15 of the winter prior to the event. Workshop instructors will be announced in January and February prior to the event. Once the workshops have been chosen, a class schedule and teacher bios will be posted on the Workshops page. Please remember that there will be more classes available than can be attended by one person. We encourage you to find a good balance between taking too many classes and not remembering everything, and not taking enough classes to satisfy your spinning desires.


It is recommended to bring a notebook or a small video recording device to help you remember what you learned in the workshops.


Please feel free to contribute your knowledge by offering a workshop during open application times! We want you to share your knowledge and skills with the Kinetic family!




We will always try to have a few food vendors, however other than that, you are responsible for your own food. There may be food vendors, but this is never a guarantee. Ensure you are properly fed all weekend long by bringing enough food for the entire event. Camping stoves are a good bet. To make it easier, think of coordinating with some friends so that you can all share a stove. Think pot, pan, utensils, plate, bowl, cup, dish soap, sponge, etc. Plus, ice for cooling and a cooler to hold it in. There is a Wal-Mart and other stores in Spencer, about a 10-15 minute drive away. To help cut down on waste think about bringing your own plates for your food needs.




We will be in rural southern Indiana in the middle of May. The historical averages for May in Spencer, Indiana are a high of 70 degrees and a low of 40 degrees, and there is a chance (can someone say Kin-we-tic?) it will rain. Please plan accordingly. There is no “necessities” vending on site. In short, bring everything you need for an outdoor weekend: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothing, warm gear, cold gear, bug spray,  sunblock, rain gear, a hat for sun, food, personals, etc.




If after reading this page you still have questions – we’d love to answer them! Please email us at and we can help you out!


Lastly, THANK YOU – from all the volunteers and team members collaborating to make this gathering the most special weekend ever. Kinetic Fire is a community driven gathering of like-minded individuals looking to further the idea and practice of fire and flow arts. We are all the Kinetic family.




  • Fire and flow props and tools
  • Fuel (to be collected at gate or dropped off at Fuel Depot upon arrival)
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Tent
  • Drinking water and container
  • Sunscreen
  • Ear Plugs
  • Towels
  • Headlamp or flashlight to walk around at night
  • Several changes of clothing including rain gear, hiking gear, beach supplies, performance gear (if you are so inclined),
  • Trash Bags for your tent site to “Leave No Trace”
  • Sitting chairs for camp and fire circle
  • Camera / video camera
  • Wagon for transporting items around the venue

March 4, 2015